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Monday, October 18, 2004

hello all! i've decided i needed a change.
you can find me here now:
dani's xanga


Posted at 11:10 pm by danirockstar

Sunday, October 10, 2004
-school is poo-

hi peeps. its been a great weekend so far. highlights: getting lost with ro and bern trying to get from la vic's to school, welcome picnic, shopping and hukilau w/ ed and mercedes. to end it: barkada girls and guys intramural football games, hopefully jack in the box, and church @10pm. and then comes stress week. this is going to be a very interesting and busy week. here's what's in store:

*monday: getting a roommate. her name's tanya. i hear she's an is (international student) from the philippines

*tuesday: marine bio midterm and barkada mtg of course

*wednesday: busn72 paper due and 2 min speech on fav movie (dogma of course), omis34 article due

*thursday: marine bio paper due, major studying for my stats midterm, omis 34 access database hw

*friday: stats midterm (wish me luck), possibly hukilau to eat some good food and listen to the mango kings

*saturday: sf boat trip for marine biology from 11:30-5:00

sounds like school is in full force now. hopefully i get some sleep this week. also hopefully i get to go to friendship games. it'll be nice to get away for a weekend. well thats it for now. miss and love all you guammies reading this! bye!

Posted at 03:21 pm by danirockstar

Thursday, September 30, 2004

 i know i know. it's been awhile since my last blog. i've just been really busy and out of it lately. i'm getting settled in cali once again for another year of school. i have a feeling this is gonna be a long quarter. it's only been a week and a half and it feels like i've been in school for a month already. the weeks have been going by hella slow. *sigh* i think it's just b/c i'm too excited to go home. i really really miss home. most of you know why. don't get me wrong i love scu and the people here, but its just hard when you know that many of the people you love and care for are back home. thank god for my barkada they keep me sane.

hmm..well since my last entry let's just say a lot has happend. i turned 19. i had a bbq and i camped out in merizo. those were some really good times!! i miss my summer crew. *sigh* i know most of you guys will probably never read this, but i might as well do my thank yous anyway. thanks to jho, julia, nomi, ally, berto, christine, marty, tom, austin, will, sherri, and brett for a kick ass summer! it was seriously the best summer ever! i'll always remember the saturdays at ten21, the 6 days straight at magic stix, bowling at century, watching movies at least once a week, chiiling at the beach and kicking back at my house. i'll never forget some of the talks i had this summer. it was definetly a summer where i found out more of who i was. i began to take a new outlook on life because of certain events. i've learned so many things, both good and bad, about what true friendship is. this was definetly a summer i will never forget! thank you again to everyone who was a part of the best summer ever!

well anyway. let's see. what have i been up to recently?? this past weekend i went to san d for pifa. that was a fun and interesting weekend. especially when we went to rosaritos. it was really really good seeing everyone. thanks a bunch to everyone who was there for such an awesome time! love and miss ya all!

so other then school and my weekend to sd, i've been thinking a lot lately. i seriously have to stop analyzing things too much, but i tend to do that when i have issues. i swear when everything seems to be going great something always has to come up. why does this stuff always happen to me?? *sigh* ok i seriously gotta stop and take things one day at a time. see there i go again with the over analyzing thing. i seriously hope that everything turns out good though. please just this once.

anyway enough of that stuff. i gotta get back to my lovely reading for school. 100+ pages here i come. *bleh* school really does suck. hurry up x-mas break! love and miss you all!! bye! 

Posted at 12:47 am by danirockstar

Thursday, September 02, 2004

so i'm finally updating after about 2 wks. it's not b/c i havent had time. my stupid internet hasn't been working b/c the phone line has been down. it happened a day before the typhoon and b/c of the damn typhoon it took gta foreeever to fix the phone lines. so what have i been up to. let's see...

well there was typhoon chaba. that was fun. other then that i've pretty much been doing the ususal. working, watching movies, playing pool. yeah. well there was last saturday. i went to the no holds bar fight at uog. that was actually fun. sad how i find people kicking each other's asses fun. hehe. some of the fights were stale. some where pretty good. it was interesting.

nothing else has really been going on in my life. going back to cali in 12 days. then its back to school on the 20th. well thats it for now. adios!

Posted at 12:38 am by danirockstar
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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

hey everyone. its been a few weeks since i've blogged. what can i say i've been busy. between working, going out, people constantly coming over, and my parents being in the philippines i havent had much time on the computer. i just have to say that i'm glad my parents are back.

well last week i had a bbq at my house. it was nice chillin with everyone. i had fun. the the rest of the wk i was pretty much a homebody since my folks were gone. on sat, right after i picked my parents up from the airport i went to ten21 of course b/c its christine's last saturday on island.

this week so far has been aight. monday i went to p.i.c. and fuji. tuesday went to tony romas and my friends came over later for a movie and pool. tonight possibly going to denial but probably having ppl pver instead.

so besides what i've been up to i heard something really funny the other day on the radio. there's a hurricane approaching the east coast. the name of the hurricane: hurricane danielle. what are the chances. hehe. well thats it for now. byee!

Posted at 02:02 am by danirockstar

Friday, August 06, 2004

so i guess its time for an update. since my last entry i've only really been doing one thing. going to the fd alumni tournament to support my dad(class of '75) and the class of '03 (my yr of course). my dad's team made it to the playoffs, but were eliminated after two games. class of '03 mad it to the final game but they lost. it's ok guys there's always next year!

other then the basketball games there's the normal going out and working. on wed. night after the game, i went to watch harold and kumar(hella funny movie) with kelly, camy, marty, austin and tom. then they (along with jace and ryan) came to chill at my house to play pool. they ended up playing texas hold 'em(made me think of barkada and how much i miss you guys!:D).  good times, good times.

yesterday, i went to mongolian with ally, berto, julia, christine and peter. now that was real deal mongolian. none of this teriyaki sauce bullcrap that scu has. i'm talking fresh vegetables, fresh meat and seafood, soysauce, and garlic. yum yum! :D

t.g.i.f. seriously. going out tonight. then tomorrow paella for my dad's b-day. then probably going out at night again. parents leave to manila on monday. so its taking care of my sisters until saturday morning. poop. although it'll be a good chance to spend time with my sisters (help me!!) just kidding. hehe. well thats it for now. shoot.

Posted at 01:41 am by danirockstar

Wednesday, July 28, 2004
-fcukin malafunkshun-

stupid guam people. so i went to the michelle branch concert. leave it to guam to ruin a concert that would normally be good. first of all, malafunkshun was the opening act. news flash guys. you were funny in the beginning, but now its getting old and stupid. the only thing that made it worth watching was seeing julius ceaser santos. he is h-o-t cute! hehe! secondly, everyone had to sit down for the entire concert b/c the fire marshall said so. poop. other then that michelle branch was pretty good. her concert was kinda short, but oh well at least she was on guam.

speaking of concerts. i heard jack johnson might be on guam in septemeber. i'll cry if he comes after i leave. maybe it'll be on labor day weekend. *fingers crossed* that would be an awesome b-day gift.

guess what else. i'm officially back on two feet. you got it. no more crutches! woohoo!! i'm happy:D

well thats all for now. byee!

Posted at 05:26 am by danirockstar
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Friday, July 23, 2004

yesterday i realized why i love guam sooooooo much.

i was driving home yesterday with my windows down and jack johnson blasting in the car. the sun was going down. and let me just say, you never see sunsets like this in cali. seeing that sunset w/ the sound of jack johnson made me think....."only on guam"

only on guam
...are my family and friends only a ten min drive away
...there is a parade were ppl camp out nights before to see
...do we have a party for everything ("oh her first typhoon!let's have a bbq" ;))
...does it rain on one side of the road but not the other
...does it rain while the sun is still shining
...do we have no water and power for weeks (thanks to the typhoons)
...we have rice at our denny's and red rice at our kfc
...our beaches are warm (well not only on guam, just not in cali)

well here's an update on me. i only have one crutch now! yay! soon i'll have my 2 feet back! yay! where is my barkada?? i hardly talk to any of them anymore. boo. if you're reading this: "i miss you guys sooo much!" wish you were all here!

next week is the start of departures. boo. seems like this summer was short at least the part where i hang out with and see all my friends. well at least nomi will be here till aug. 30 and ally and jho will still be here.

well thats it for an update. adios!

Posted at 05:11 pm by danirockstar
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Monday, July 19, 2004

dang. i'm guessing no one leaves a comment b/c it takes me forever to update. haha.

i've just been too busy. my weeks are spent working and my weekends going out till the wee hours of the morning.

i've been here for almost a month and i still haven't gone to the beach. well hopefully i finally have my bbq this weekend. *fingers crossed* wish i had a teleporter so barkada could come :D. well, at least the bbq will be a time where i can chill and catch up with old friends w/out having to scream.

yay! guam's liberation day is wed. that means no work! that also means the parade and roach's annual bbq at sirena park.

yay2! michelle branch concert next week tuesday!

people are leaving soon. seems like its been fast. yeah i say that now. wait till there's no one here.

i'm finally on two feet. yay!. well...two feet with two crutches. hey but at least there's no boot. hehe.

well thats it for now. this is my sad attempt at getting a comment from someone. hehe. bye!

in the spirit of the 60th anniversary of guam's liberation during WWII. pls click this link: GUAM

Posted at 03:42 am by danirockstar
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Friday, June 25, 2004

it feels good to be home. it's hella hot and its rainy season. two more weeks till i get this stupid fracture boot off. *fingers crossed*  then its party party party!! i have a huge feeling that this is gonna be a fantastic summer. it's nice seeing everyone again. although i do miss my barkada family back at scu. i miss the mcc. i know next year is gonna be a blast. well i'll see ya guys around. love you all!

Posted at 05:33 pm by danirockstar
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